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SubjectRe: [PATCH] concurrent block allocation for ext3
> SDET on my machine (16x NUMA-Q) has fallen in love with your patch, 
> and has decided to elope with it to a small desert island. This is
> despite it's one disk hung off node 0, and the IO througput of a
> slightly damp piece of cotton thread. Apologies for the loss of your
> patch as it gets whisked away ;-)

Dbench (1 disk, x440 8 real cpus, 16 HT ones)

Throughput 265.032 MB/sec (NB=331.29 MB/sec 2650.32 MBit/sec) 256 procs
Throughput 381.964 MB/sec (NB=477.454 MB/sec 3819.64 MBit/sec) 256 procs

(I took the second run, first ones are slower, seems to be stable after)

NUMA-Q 16-way (1 disk. 16 cpus)

Throughput 48.5304 MB/sec (NB=60.663 MB/sec 485.304 MBit/sec) 256 procs
Throughput 58.8483 MB/sec (NB=73.5603 MB/sec 588.483 MBit/sec) 256 procs

NUMA-Q has slower disks, old adaptors, and a slow cross-node interconnect.

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