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SubjectRe: Never ever use word BitKeeper if Larry does not like you
At 08:37 AM 3/14/03 -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
>That's the whole point. If we sit back and let people think that he has
>something remotely similar to BK, it devalues BitKeeper in the mind of
>those people. Since this is a very complex system with lots of subtle
>features, people easily get confused. What Pavel has doesn't approach
>the functionality of CVS, let alone BitKeeper, yet he is describing it
>as a BitKeeper clone. If we allow that, we're just shooting our brand
>name dead.

That's not a trademark issue. You are claiming false
advertising. Different issue, and one I don't want to touch.

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Expert -> X-Spurt -> Unknown drip under pressure.

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