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SubjectRe: [patch, rfc] lt-epoll ( level triggered epoll ) ...
On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Jonathan Lemon wrote:

> Yes, an API is a matter of personal taste, and I don't particularly like
> epoll, but that isn't really relevant. What you seem to not understand
> is that kqueue is an event framework into which you plug different filters,
> which have different capabilities. You may not like this "multiplexing",
> but that's part of the key to how kqueue works, and is THE reason it is not
> just "Yet Another Notification Mechanism".

I'm glad you seem to define kqueue "The Notification Mechanism", because
honestly, in my opinion "The Notification Mechanism" is what people
actually *uses* for real. Last time I checked "The Notification Mechanism"
is poll/select ( with kqueue pretty much down in the list ). Yes, maybe it
doesn't scale very well with high number of fds, but it does 99.99% of
what people needs. And the proof of this is that a huge number of
applications rely on poll/select. Why ? Beacause it's freakin' simple and
does the job. The new epoll interface aims to be that simple and to cover
the same needs that have driven developers to use select/poll. Who's right ?
Time will talk.

- Davide

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