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SubjectRe: 2.5.64-mm6
Andrew Morton wrote:
> kgdb.patch

I'm interested in this patch in your tree. (Just to warn you of my
biases, I'm currently working with the XScale/ARM arch.) I've noticed
some things about it in an initial look, namely:

There appears to be some code duplication between hex() and stubhex() in

Also, the bulk of gdbstub.c appears to be generic code. There are a
number of functions that have x86 asm in them, but it looks to me on
initial viewing, that most of the logic is applicable to other arches.
Am I understanding that correctly?
Right now it looks like an arch would need to provide a way to:
- reboot the processor
- implement 'continue at address' and 'step one instruction from address'
- handle_exeption()
- printexception()
- correct_hw_break()
- regs_to_gdb_regs() and gdb_regs_to_regs()
Hmm, there's probably some more to that part...
The above is just for the gdbstub.c. I'm still reading the patch. :)

Would breaking the arch-independent parts out to linux/kernel/gdbstub.c
be a reasonable change or is that a dumb question? ;)


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