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SubjectRe: eth0: Bus master arbitration failure

>On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone knew if this had been resolved
>> or see this problem too. I am having the same problem.
>> However, I am using 2.5.64 kernel and I have tried
>> both an eepro100 and a 3com-tornado ethernet card.
>I think the problem is probably all those "printk()" calls
>within timing-sensitive code (really). A Bus master arbitration
>failure is supposed to result in a retry. It is not supposed to
>be fatal. For kicks, just comment out the printk() and see if
>the box starts to work. If that makes it work, an appropriate
>permanent fix would be to just keep track of the number of
>such failures just like the dropped-packet and collision count.
>If removing the printk() doesn't fix it, there may be a retained
>spin-lock on an error exit path.

I did go and take a look at that printk :-) and realized it was in
pcnet32.c and that it was my pcnet32 card complaining and not
my eepro100 or 3com card. Whew! Sorry about that mistake.
I am going to try and install kdb and see if it will help
locate where the lockup is occuring.

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