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SubjectRe: Reproducible SCSI Error with Adaptec 7902
> Hi Justin,
> Thanks for the info.
> We were using these drivers as:
> 1. The 1.0.0 driver is as used in the Stock Redhat 7.3 release (updated
> to current updates).

Unfortunately, providing updates to Redhat even in a timely manner has
no impact on whether or not these udpates are incorporated into recent

> 2. The 1.1.0 driver is on the Adaptec web site for Linux and is I believe the one shipped on there CDROM for the on-board 7902
> controller.

Getting website updates is a slow and painful process at Adaptec.
I've been working on this for some time, but have not yet had any
success. That is why I distribute the most recent drivers from
a location I can control.

> We were not aware of a later driver.
> For future reference, where should we go to find the latest drivers
> for any device for the linux 2.4.x kernel ?

That would depend on the device. For Adaptec aic7xxx and aic79xx drivers,
you can use the site I provided.

> Do you know if the latest driver at
> might fix
> this problem ?

I don't know enough about your problem to be able to say. There have
been lots of fixes to these drivers over their lifetime, so upgrading
is a good first step.


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