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SubjectTop stack (l)users for 2.5.64-ac4

47 functions using >=1k of kernel stack on i386.

One improvement over 2.5.64, i2o_proc_* is gone. 4 down, 47 to go. :)

0xc02063f6 presto_get_fileid: sub $0x1168,%esp
0xc0204fc6 presto_copy_kml_tail: sub $0x101c,%esp
0xc07b92c8 isp2x00_make_portdb: sub $0xc38,%esp
0xc0879c05 cdromread: sub $0xa84,%esp
0xc0766a08 ide_unregister: sub $0x978,%esp
0xc07240db v4l_compat_translate_ioctl: sub $0x924,%esp
0xc0b4e2e6 snd_emu10k1_fx8010_ioctl: sub $0x82c,%esp
0xc06d3396 writerids: sub $0x828,%esp
0xc06d31e6 readrids: sub $0x810,%esp
0xc0af06ab snd_cmipci_ac3_silence: sub $0x7b0,%esp
0xc0af0146 snd_cmipci_ac3_copy: sub $0x7b0,%esp
0xc0889206 amd_flash_probe: sub $0x708,%esp
0xc01055ae huft_build: sub $0x5ac,%esp
0xc01071ae huft_build: sub $0x5ac,%esp
0xc02a96ab dohash: sub $0x58c,%esp
0xc0aa93ab snd_pcm_oss_change_params: sub $0x584,%esp
0xc0108016 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x540,%esp
0xc0557fc6 ida_ioctl: sub $0x540,%esp
0xc01063c6 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x524,%esp
0xc0c98e36 device_new_if: sub $0x51c,%esp
0xc01fc8b6 presto_ioctl: sub $0x500,%esp
0xc0b49f8a snd_emu10k1_add_controls: sub $0x4e4,%esp
0xc0b68556 snd_trident_mixer: sub $0x4a8,%esp
0xc01a8d93 elf_core_dump: sub $0x4a4,%esp
0xc077b002 ide_config: sub $0x494,%esp
0xc0107e80 inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0c871bb br_ioctl_device: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0106230 inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0450482 parport_config: sub $0x480,%esp
0xc09a9116 sw_connect: sub $0x480,%esp
0xc09af3e1 uinput_alloc_device: sub $0x480,%esp
0xc040a77e sha512_transform: sub $0x458,%esp
0xc0d84296 sctp_hash_digest: sub $0x458,%esp
0xc0d19040 gss_pipe_downcall: sub $0x440,%esp
0xc036cb20 ciGetLeafPrefixKey: sub $0x424,%esp
0xc098f6f6 emi26_load_firmware: sub $0x418,%esp
0xc06b4d66 wv_hw_reset: sub $0x410,%esp
0xc12f2f82 root_nfs_name: sub $0x408,%esp
0xc02eedc7 jffs2_rtime_decompress: sub $0x404,%esp
0xc02eecd9 jffs2_rtime_compress: sub $0x404,%esp
0xc0678431 hex_dump: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc09dbe1c dtl1_config: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc09dd572 bt3c_config: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc03f90a5 befs_debug: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc03f905e befs_warning: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc03f900e befs_error: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc09e10c2 btuart_config: sub $0x400,%esp


"Error protection by error detection and correction."
-- from a university class
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