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SubjectRe: 2.4.20 and 2.5.64 NIC missing interrupts in APIC mode
Am Don, 2003-03-13 um 21.24 schrieb Roger Luethi:

> > As soon as I enable the APIC mode in the BIOS the onboard PHY seems
> > to ignore any packets which are thrown at it *after* the kernel
> > initialised itself which is especially nasty since the system is booting
> > from network effectively stopping its boot when trying to get an IP
> > using DHCP or mounting a NFS volume in case the IP is fixed. The onboard
> > NIC is a VIA Rhine II (VT6102).

> You may want to try 2.4.x-ac kernels, I believe Alan fixed some VIA APIC
> issues.

According to Alans changelog the 2.5-ac has a forwardport of the VIA
interrupt line patch, after some difficulties applying 2.5.64-ac3 to
a rsynched post 2.5.64 kernel (some parts of the console changes didn't
apply cleanly) I now tried it and it shows exactly the same symptoms.

Are there more VIA patches floating aroung? A short search on google
didn't find anything particularly interesting.

Almost more annoying is that even after removing the fb support I cannot
see enough of the messages to be helpful here, neither scrolllock nor
shift-pgup help, probably also an interrupt issue though a bit seems
to go through:
atkbd.c: Unknown key (set 2, scancode 0xb6, on isa0060/serio0) pressed.

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