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SubjectRe: 2.4.21pre5aa1
On Friday 14 March 2003 14:39, Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:

Hi Andrea,

> I get _tons_ of these messages:

> rq->prev_mm was c40dddc0 set to c40ddf00 - grep
> cb795f64 c0115786 c023b1a0 c40dddc0 c40ddf00 cb79424e c011bd9d cb7fc02c
> cb794000 00000000 c16fa7a0 c158d200 cb794000 00000000 c011c1da
> cb794000 c16fa7a0 cb794000 4012e8c4 00000000 bffff838 c011c233 00000000
> c010720f Call Trace: [<c0115786>] [<c011bd9d>] [<c011c1da>] [<c011c233>]
> [<c010720f>]
> rq->prev_mm was c40ddf00 set to cb78a0c0 - grep
> cb789f64 c0115786 c023b1a0 c40ddf00 cb78a0c0 cb78824e c011bd9d cb7fc02c
> cb788000 00000000 c16fa760 c158d200 cb788000 00000000 c011c1da
> cb788000 c16fa760 cb788000 4012e8c4 00000000 bffff838 c011c233 00000000
> c010720f Call Trace: [<c0115786>] [<c011bd9d>] [<c011c1da>] [<c011c233>]
> [<c010720f>]
> Machine:
> Celeron 1,3GHz, UP, 512MB RAM, IDE.

hmm dunno why the following line were not in the pastings above.

Call Trace: [do_schedule+471/656] [do_exit+522/560] [sys_exit+19/32]

ciao, Marc

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