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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix stack usage for amd_flash.c
On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 15:46, Joern Engel wrote:
> Hi!
> This patch reduces the stack usage of amd_flash_probe by a couple of
> kByte.

Urgh. That should never have been on the stack in the first place. Make
it static. The comment about being deallocated when the probe is done is
bogus -- where do we think we get the contents of the table from when
_entering_ the probe function anyway? It's elsewhere in the kernel

> The target of freeing the memory after probe should be reached
> with __initdata as well. Untested, though.
> Is it ok to apply?

No. You can't make that __initdata because the functions which _call_ it
aren't __init. You can load map drivers (e.g. pcmcia) as modules which
try to probe for all kinds of chips.

Also note that all but the CFI-based drivers are deprecated. We have
old-style probes which allow us to use the CFI back-end drivers with
non-CFI chips anyway.

> J?rn

Btw you're sending out 8-bit mail with charset 'unknown-8bit'. What
should be a ö isn't.


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