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SubjectRe: [patch, rfc] lt-epoll ( level triggered epoll ) ...
 Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 14:27:50, jamie wrote about "Re: [patch, rfc] lt-epoll ( level triggered epoll ) ...": 

> Actually I think _this_ is cleanest: A three-way flag per registered
> fd interest saying whether to:
> 1. Report 0->1 edges for this interest. (Initial 1 counts as an event).
> 2. Continually report 1 levels for this interest.
> 3. One-shot, report the first time 1 is noted and unregister.
> ET poll is equivalent to 1. LT poll is equivalent to 2. dnotify's
> one-shot mode is equivalent to 3.

kqueue can do all three variants (1st with EV_CLEAR, 3rd with EV_ONESHOT).

So, result of this whole epoll work is trivially predictable - Linux will have
analog of "overbloated" and "poorly designed" kqueue, but more poor
and with incompatible interface, adding its own stone to hell of
different APIs. Congratulations.

Linus was true: Linux is just for fun, not for work.

I say nothing bad for the real work to implement it. But the person who said
"Do poor, do incompatible, but do our own" should be blamed. You know him.

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