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SubjectRe: 2.5.64-mm6, a new test case for scheduler interactivity problems
At 03:34 PM 3/14/2003 +0100, Mike Galbraith wrote:
>At 10:01 PM 3/13/2003 +0000, Charles Baylis wrote:
>>My test case tries to reproduce this by creating a number of tasks which
>>alternate between being 'interactive' and CPU hogs. On my Celery 333 laptop
>>it can sometimes cause skips with only 1 child, and is pretty much
>>guaranteed to cause skips with more child tasks.
>Nice test case. I don't have sound capability on my linux box, but your
>test case makes it fail the window wiggle test horribly. I fiddled with
>it a bit, and convinced it to "stop doing that please". Does the attached
>(experimental butchery) help your box's sp-sp-speach im-p-p-pediment?

P.S. If you try this, change STARVATION_LIMIT from 1*HZ to
2*MAX_TIMESLICE. With that, I can run a make -j5 bzImage, irman with fixed
mem_load, thud 3 and kasteroids with no trouble at ALL on my 128mb
p3/500. The only time things get ugly is when memload fires up. It
allocates 72mb and scribbles to it... a bit much for a 128mb box with
_this_ load ;-) Even then, swapping like heck, kasteroids is playable most
of the time.

Without the patch, irman's process load starves everyone to death, and thud
3 utterly destroys interactivity. YMMV of course (it _is_ an experiment...
might even explode;)


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