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SubjectRe: Never ever use word BitKeeper if Larry does not like you
> we'd all be happy and could go back to sleep ?

Nice try. Let's try again (and we'll keep on trying until you do it)

"Red Cap: a proprietary Red Hat clone"
"The goal of this system is to produce a system compatible with Red Hat"

Are your lawyers happy with that? You said, with respect to my mail,
"When you are dealing with someone apparently being a corporate bully".

The point is to clarify what is acceptable corporate behaviour and what
is not. The benchmark is "what would Red Hat do" or "what would SuSE do".
If they would handle it differently, I'll be happy to follow their lead.

I put the statements into a clear framing of the Red Hat context and
I'll keep doing it until you go ask the question of your lawyers.
I'm asking you again, would Red Hat behave any differently?

Don't change the subject, just answer the question.
Larry McVoy lm at
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