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SubjectRe: [PATCH] self tuning scheduler 0.2
Hi Mike, Everyone,

I'm still working on the window wiggle problem. The problem is
that I'm expecting too much from the running average. I wanted it
to provide long term history about the process's cpu use. I also
wanted the process priority to change fairly quickly when the
process is given some cpu time. These are contradictory goals.

I'm working on a change which would use a short time constant for the
run_avg. Rather than directly calculating the p->prio value from
the run_avg, I will treat the p->prio as another filtered value.

I'm still working on the irman issue. I'm thinking about counting
the number of levels of synchronous wakeup. This would be used
to decide if the process should benefit from the sleep time.

Jim Houston - Concurrent Computer Corp.
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