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SubjectRe: NetFlow export
Jakob Oestergaard <> writes:

> You asked for netflow data export. Netramet can give you something
> similar to netflow (I never used netflow, but from what I hear, netramet
> is similar only more flexible).

I need the NetFlow data format, not something else.

> With 10 lines of Perl you could do full ASN-1 ;)

NetFlow is not based on ASN.1. It's a completely different format (an
industry standard which is implemented by quite a few vendors).

> Point being; if what you want is flow information from a Linux router,
> excellent user space software (both "meter" and retrieval/filtering
> tools) already exist for that.

I fear the performance impact of copying all packet headers to user

> If you want something else, then I have completely misread your mails.
> Please elaborate, in that case :)

I'd like to see something which has virtually no impact on forwarding,
so that it's a no-brainer to enable it. I doubt copying all the
packet headers to user space falls into this category.
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