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    SubjectRe: perfctr-2.5.0 released
    > On 03.11, Mikael Pettersson wrote:
    >> Version 2.5.0 of perfctr, the Linux/x86 performance
    >> monitoring counters driver, is now available at the usual
    >> place:
    > Perhaps this has been asked for a million times, but I'm new to
    > perfctrs...
    > Is there any tool available to profile a program based on this ?
    > I have seen perfex, but that gives total counts. I would like something like
    > gprof... We are now optimizing some software and I would like to make my
    > colleagues leave Windows (they use Intel's VTune) and go to Linux.
    > Or at least compare the same kind of things between VTune on win and
    > 'something' in Linux that also uses the counters. They don't seem to trust
    > gprof. And, looking at the results, I'm beginning to untrust VTune...

    I hope that Mikael knows of some native Linux tools for this.
    However, Intel did announce Vtune for Linux recently (might still be
    in beta test), and there was a SuSE patch for it posted at also. See:
    (warning: this is for 2.4.19)

    or google for "+vtune +linux".


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