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SubjectRe: 2.5.64-mm6
> Hmmm... I have experienced some hard locks similar to what 
> you describe: if I compile usb-uhci as a module, Phoebe3
> (8.0.94) locks hard at the time of doing a "modprobe
> usb-controller" (being usb-controller an alias for uhci-hcd)
> during boot (rc.sysinit script). To fix this, I have had to compile
> usb-uhci in to the kernel and then fix rc.sysinit. I haven't tried
> using usb-uhci as a module since then.
> What's curious is that doing a "modprobe usb-controller" by
> hand doesn't cause hard locks. So, there must be some kind
> of timing or interaction that's causing rc.sysinit to invoke
> "modprobe uchi-hcd" and freeze the machine. Any ideas?

Not sure. The configuration I used to build 2.5.64-mm6 was the same as
every other 2.5 build I've used recently. All of those included modular
usb, so I don't believe it is that. In my case 2.5.64-mm6 is the only
version on which I see this. My initial SWAG was some interaction between
the new pcmcia core and usb, possibly at the pci layer. I only ever try
very few mm kernel versions, so I don't have a whole lot of data at the

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