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SubjectRe: Problem with aacraid driver in 2.5.63-bk-latest
Mark Haverkamp wrote:

> Does the cmd_per_lun element of the Scsi_Host_Template structure serve
> more than one purpose?

Only when inappropriately abused by LLDD authors. The cmd_per_lun value
is suppossed to be for untagged devices only! If you have a tape drive
that doesn't support tagged commands but you want to be able to
internally have the next command queued up and ready to go when the
current command completes (in order to keep it streaming better), then
you can set cmd_per_lun to 2 and you will get two outstanding commands
for this device at a time. I used that so that in my interrupt handler
I could send the next command to the device before I passed the
completed command up to the SCSI layer.

> In scsi_alloc_sdev it is passed into
> scsi_adjust_queue_depth. In the aacraid case this is 512. Later the
> aacraid driver (in aac_slave_configure) sets the queue depth to either
> 128 for tagged or 1 if not.

That's where you are suppossed to set the queue depth on tagged devices.

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