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SubjectRe: OOPS in 2.4.21-pre5, ide-scsi
On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 18:50, Andre Hedrick wrote:
> Alan,
> Did we not fix this problem when HP addressed it with the ia64 stuff?

I've been working through a set of DMA problems. The PIO/DMA switching
timing out is fixed and has been for a while. I've very recently fixed a
race where we could get a command issued while resetting an interface.

With 2.4.x the reports I have make me think there are more races in
ide-scsi left. With 2.5.x its completely broken. Someone rewrote the
abort/reset handling, some other people rewrote the scsi core and the
result needs significant work yet

> Additionally I have finally found a long outstanding bug in the
> buildsgtable in ide-dma.c. I just need to reverify the nature. It has to
> do with the execution of the EOT bit in the last segment. This would also
> explain why we are seeing expiry dma timeouts.

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