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SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone
On Thu 13 Mar 03 02:03, Horst von Brand wrote:
> Daniel Phillips <> said:
> [...]
> > For dependencies between changes, rather than any fixed ordering, it's
> > better to record the actual precedence information, i.e., "a before b",
> > where a and b are id numbers of changes (I think everybody agrees changes
> > are first class objects). These precedence relations can be determined
> > automatically: if two changes do not occur in the same file, there is no
> > certainly no precedence relation.
> Wrong. Edit a header adding a new type T. Later change an existing file
> that already includes said header to use T. Change a function, fix most
> uses. Find a wrong usage later and fix it separately. Change something, fix
> its Documentation/ later. Note how you can come up with dependent changes
> that _can't_ be detected automatically.

You confused semantic dependencies with structural dependencies that
govern whether or not deltas conflict in the reject sense. Detailed reply is


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