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Subject2.5.64-mjb3 (scalability / NUMA patchset)
The patchset contains mainly scalability and NUMA stuff, and anything 
else that stops things from irritating me. It's meant to be pretty stable,
not so much a testing ground for new stuff.

I'd be very interested in feedback from anyone willing to test on any
platform, however large or small.

NOTE - you will have to apply -bk3 before applying this release.


Since 2.5.64-mjb2 (~ = changed, + = added, - = dropped)

Notes: kill files_lock contention & bugfixes.

Merged with Linus:

+ serial_console_warning Martin J. Bligh
+ get_empty_filp Manfred Spraul
+ files_lock_goodness Andrew Morton
+ spinlock_inlining Andrew Morton
+ sysfs_fix Pat Mochel
+ kmem_cache_size Christoph Hellwig
+ vm_area_struct Hugh Dickens

objrmap bugfixes (Dave McCracken)
ressurect shpte (Dave McCracken)
Hyperthreaded scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
Seperate kernel PMDs per process (Dave Hansen)
Non-PAE aligned kernel splits (Dave Hansen)
scheduler callers profiling (Anton or Bill Hartner)
PPC64 NUMA patches (Anton)
Child runs first (akpm)
e1000 fixes
Update the lost timer ticks code

Present in this patch:

common_physmap Andy Whitcroft
merge physnode_map implementations from numaq and summit

pfn_to_nid_inline Andy Whitcroft
converts the pfn_to_nid macro into an inline

numa_x86_pc Andy Whitcroft
adds basic numa support for flat systems

physnode_map_u8 Andy Whitcroft
converts physnode_map array to u8 (save cache polution)

profiling_docs Martin J. Bligh
Basic profiling docs

align_files_lock Martin J. Bligh
Cacheline align files_lock

pfn_valid Andy Whitcroft
fixes up a bug in copy_page_range

doaction Martin J. Bligh
Fix cruel torture of macros and small furry animals in io_apic.c

early_printk Dave Hansen et al.
Allow printk before console_init

confighz Andrew Morton / Dave Hansen
Make HZ a config option of 100 Hz or 1000 Hz

config_page_offset Dave Hansen / Andrea
Make PAGE_OFFSET a config option

vmalloc_stats Dave Hansen
Expose useful vmalloc statistics

numameminfo Martin Bligh / Keith Mannthey
Expose NUMA meminfo information under /proc/meminfo.numa

ingosched Ingo Molnar
Modify NUMA scheduler to have independant tick basis.

schedstat Rick Lindsley
Provide stats about the scheduler under /proc/schedstat

schedstat2 Rick Lindsley
Provide more stats about the scheduler under /proc/schedstat

schedstat-scripts Rick Lindsley
Provide some scripts for schedstat analysis under scripts/

sched_tunables Robert Love
Provide tunable parameters for the scheduler (+ NUMA scheduler)

irq_affinity Martin J. Bligh
Workaround for irq_affinity on clustered apic mode systems (eg x440)

cleaner_inodes Andrew Morton
Make noatime filesystems more efficient

partial_objrmap Dave McCracken
Object based rmap for filebacked pages.

objrmap_fix Dave McCracken
Fix detection of anon pages

objrmap_fixes Dave McCracken / Hugh Dickins
Fix up some mapped sizing bugs in objrmap

objrmap_mapcount Dave McCracken
Fix up some mapped sizing bugs in objrmap

kgdb Andrew Morton / Various People
The older version of kgdb, synched with 2.5.54-mm1

noframeptr Martin Bligh
Disable -fomit_frame_pointer

kprobes Vamsi Krishna S
Add kernel probes hooks to the kernel

# dmc_exit Dave McCracken
Speed up the exit path.

# shpte Dave McCracken
Shared pagetables (as a config option)

thread_info_cleanup (4K stacks pt 1) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Prep work to reduce kernel stacks to 4K

interrupt_stacks (4K stacks pt 2) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Create a per-cpu interrupt stack.

stack_usage_check (4K stacks pt 3) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Check for kernel stack overflows.

4k_stack (4K stacks pt 4) Dave Hansen
Config option to reduce kernel stacks to 4K

fix_kgdb Dave Hansen
Fix interaction between kgdb and 4K stacks

stacks_from_slab William Lee Irwin
Take kernel stacks from the slab cache, not page allocation.

thread_under_page William Lee Irwin

lkcd LKCD team
Linux kernel crash dump support

percpu_loadavg Martin J. Bligh
Provide per-cpu loadaverages, and real load averages

serial_console_warning Martin J. Bligh
Fix silly compile warning for serial console

get_empty_filp Manfred Spraul
Kill the lock contention on files_lock from get_empty_filp ...

files_lock_goodness Andrew Morton
... and drive a silver stake through it's heart.

spinlock_inlining Andrew Morton
Inline spinlocks for profiling. Made into a ugly config option by me.

sysfs_fix Pat Mochel
Fix some bug or other in sysfs that's been annoying people

kmem_cache_size Christoph Hellwig
The new slab poisoning code broke kmem_cache_size(). Oops.

vm_area_struct Hugh Dickens
Fix vm_area_struct slab corruption due to mremap's move_vma suckage.

-mjb Martin J. Bligh
Add a tag to the makefile

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