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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
On Wed, Mar 12 2003, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On Mar 12, 2003 11:31 +0100, Jens Axboe wrote:
> > I've been very happy with BK, been using it shortly after Linus started
> > doing so. Mostly out of curiosity at first, later because it was
> > actually quite useful. I even see myself as a fairly pragmatic
> > individual, but even so I do find it increasingly difficult to defend my
> > BK usage.
> Interesting. I _had_ lumped you into the "unhappy with BK" camp that has
> become so vocal on l-k these days. My apologies. I do find it sort of sad
> that you (or anyone) actually have to defend your BK usage to others.

No offense taken, and I personally don't have any sort of political
agenda that I care to voice on lkml :). That's part of where the
pragmatism comes in, I just don't care enough.

About every patch I sent here on lkml has been generated by bk for the
past year. I typically don't do commits, just have trees with pending
deltas and bk -r diffs -u does the job for me.

> I'm personally a "do what you want and let others do what they want as
> long as it doesn't interfere with me" kind of person, but it seems that
> lots of people here have the opinion that they know what is better for
> everyone else, and have no problem telling the list over an over about it.
> Probably time to fork a linux-code-repository mailing list and have everyone
> spend their time over there instead of rehashing BK flamewars and/or BK
> replacement here every week.

For me, I think Andrew's patch management scripts will do the job. And
yeah, the non-stop bk threads make me sick as well and are rarely read
here. So I better make this my last mail on the subject...

Jens Axboe

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