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SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone

> > [Long rant, summary: it's harder than you think, read on for the details]
> [skipping long description]
> OK, so here is my distillation of Larry's post.
> Basic summary: a distributed, replicated, version controlled user level file
> system with no limits on any of the file system events which may happened
> in parallel. All changes must be put correctly back together, no matter how
> much parallelism there has been.
> * Merging.
> * The graph structure.
> * Distributed rename handling. Centralized systems like Subversion don't
> have as many problems with this because you can only create one file in
> one directory entry because there is only one directory entry available.
> In distributed rename handling, there can be an infinite number of different
> files which all want to be src/foo.c. There are also many rename corner-cases.
> * Symbolic tags. This is adding a symbolic label on a revision. A distributed
> system must handle the fact that the same symbol can be put on multiple
> revisions. This is a variation of file renaming. One important thing to
> consider is that time can go forward or backward.
> * Security semantics. Where should they go? How can they be integrated
> into the system? How are hostile users handled when there is no central
> server to lock down?
> * Time semantics. A distributed system cannot depend on reported time
> being correct. It can go forward or backward at any rate.
> I'd be willing to maintain this as the beginning of a feature list and
> post it regularly to lkml if enough people feel it would be useful and not
> annoying. The goal would be to identify the features/problems that would

Actually, check it in bitbucket's repository
on; it should not be annoying
(He he "send it to the bitbucket" :-)
Written on sharp zaurus, because my Velo1 broke. If you have Velo you don't need...

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