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SubjectRe: [patch 3/3] add Via Nehemiah ("xstore") rng support
Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> Note that your "=m" (*addr) is never actually used here -- it doesn't
>> affect the instruction encoding, and it only shows up in a comment.
>> Since gcc will generate an instruction mode here, it will be highly
>> confused.
>> I am assuming 0xC0 is a modr/m byte, in which case the most sane
>> interpretation of this instruction would be "xstore %eax"; %edi is
>> presumably implicit since you claim it can take a REP prefix...
> and yet strangely the asm code seems to be correct :)

Right... I got confused by the comment (the one inside the asm) and the
fact that "addr" appeared twice. I think it's a bad comment; it draws
attention to the wrong thing.


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