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SubjectRe: bio too big device
> > Couldn't we have a list of known good drives, though, and enable 256
> > sectors as a special case?
> My problem is that I just don't see the point. What's the difference
> between 256 and 254 sectors? 128kB vs 127kB?

Ah, I thought there was a reason that it was a Good Thing to keep it
as a power of 2, which would mean 64kB vs 128kB, but if not then I
totally agree.

> Also, looking closer, the current limit actually seems to be _controller_
> dependent, not disk-dependent. I don't know how valid that is, but it
> looks reasonable at least in theory - while the IDE controller is mostly a
> passthrough thing, it does end up doing part of the work. So the picture
> look smore complex than just another drive blacklist.
> In short, the headaches just aren't worth the 127->128kB gain.

I wasn't aware of the controller issue - with that thrown in to the
mix, I see your point.

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