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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 11:51:20AM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
> Well, I agree that they should be able to get at the information in a
> neutral way. I guess it was unrealistic, but I was expecting that people
> would go download the CVS tree and poke around and see if it is what they
> wanted. We could have had a nice technical discussion about what was
> missing, if anything. If the discussion had happened, they would have
> found out that even for the missing deltas we captured the information.
> Here's an example. Suppose the graph is like
> 1.1 (torvalds) -> 1.2 (alan) -> 1.3 (sct) -> 1.4 (torvalds)
> \ /
> \-> (davej) --------/
> and we picked the straight 1.1 to 1.4 path. When we created the CVS 1.4
> delta, we knew that it was a merge delta and we needed to capture the
> data off on the branch. We already capture the contents, the missing part
> is what davej may have typed in as comments. We capture that as well, it
> looks like this:
> revision 1.342
> date: 2003/03/07 15:39:16; author: torvalds; state: Exp; lines: +7 -1
> [PATCH] kbuild: Smart notation for non-verbose output
> 2003/03/05 19:50:27-06:00 kai
> kbuild: Make build stop on vmlinux link error
> (Logical change 1.8166)
> That particular example is from the top level Makefile, Linus merged
> in Kai's work and we added the "kbuild: Make build stop on vmlinux link
> error" comments from the merged in delta. If there were more than one
> delta, they get merged as well, so the rlog output is completely accurate.

Larry, this brings up something I was meaning to ask you before this
thread exploded. What happens to those "logical change" numbers over

My understanding (since you mentioned ~ 3 minute latency on BK pushes,
not five hour latency) was that future changes would go into CVS
incrementally. As far as I understand the "revision numbers" that BK
uses, they're subject to change. Based on what trees Linus merges
from, a revision number in his repository may not always have the same
number. So the comments will become out-of-date and inaccurate.

Or am I wrong about the potential for change within a single

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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