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Subject[CFT] PCMCIA patches

I'm about to send a set of 6 PCMCIA patches, which I'd like people to
test. They're against base current 2.5.64 BK (as of this morning GMT,)
but they apply with some offset to plain .64.

The patch numbering starts at 2 - the first set (which was 1a to 1h)
was ARM stuff, which Linus has already accepted.


get_io_map and get_mem_map PCMCIA socket methods are never called
by the PCMCIA core code. They are therefore dead code, and can be


Remove the bus_* abstractions.


Cardbus uses socket->cb_config to detect when the cardbus card has
been initialised. Since cb_config will eventually die, we need a
solution - introduce the SOCKET_CARDBUS_CONFIG flag, which is set
once we have initialised the cardbus socket.


Add an element of locking to the resource manager - don't allow
the PCMCIA resource lists to be changed while the pcmcia code is
scanning them.


Remove the dependence of the PCMCIA layer on CONFIG_ISA - introduce
CONFIG_PCMCIA_PROBE to determine whether we need the resource
handling code. This prevents oopsen on SA11x0 and similar platforms
which use statically mapped, non-windowed sockets.


Remove support for the old PCMCIA cardbus clients - all cardbus
drivers should be converted to be full-class PCI citizens.

Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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