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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
Larry McVoy wrote:
>>I thought that BK has been able to export everything to a text file
>>since the first version.
> bk export -tpatch -r1.900 > patch.1.900
> bk changes -v -r1.900 > comments.1.900
> Been there forever. So has ways to get all the metadata from the command
> line without having to reverse engineer the file format. See
> it's all there. Always has been.
> Wayne wanted me to point that it is easy to write the BK to CVS exporter
> completely from the command line, we prototyped it that way, the only
> reason we rewrote part of it in C was for performance. The point being
> that you guys could have done this yourself without help from us because
> all the metadata is right there. Ditto for anyone else worried about
> getting their data out of BK now or in the future. The whole point of
> prs is to be able to have a will-always-work way to get at the data or
> the metadata, it makes the file format a non-issue.

This is a Good Thing[TM] for a whole bunch of reasons.

Maybe this output could be made available automatically in addition to
the CVS tree? If bandwidth is a concern then I reiterate what I said
offline yesterday, if you can give me a ballpark idea of what the
requirements seem to be I'll start hunting for a place to park a server dedicated to this task.


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