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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
Well I'm a nobody in linux kernel land, but I'm a long time lurker on LKML and have been doing patchsets for the Gentoo Linux kernel for a while now.

I'd like to say that before Linus started using BK, close to 50% of the revision data that is now saved was completely lost in the process of him merging patches by hand into his repository. I mean be realistic, do you think that Linus kept perfect track of EVERY single ' ' ';' ')' that he changed when merging a patch with minor rejects with his repo? Do you think that every single time that he made a 1 line change or merged a 1 line change that was sent to this list it was documented and recorded? I doubt it. So now we are able to get a publicly available CVS repository with close to two times the data that was ever available before, and infinitely more than was ever available to anyone outside of Linus' own head.

I personally think that Larry has done an amazing job supporting this project and it's goals, and I will give him a big "Thanks for all your support and hard work" at this time. I think that those of you complaining about this as bitmover clearing the road to steal our data should take a long hard look at what you are really saying and consider what BK has given us that we never had before because nothing before was ever usable by Linus.

Thanks for reading (those who do),

--Brandon Low
Gentoo Linux Senior Developer
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