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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
> 	CVS: 110,076 deltas over all files
> BK: 121,891 deltas over all files

(I can recalculate this if you tell me how many of the BK ones are empty
merge pointers)


I wasn't far off by saying 90%. And don't tell me I can get all the
data, when in fact, I can't. Unless of course you give me an explicit
variance from your license, I pay for a license, or I get someone else
with BK to get me the data.

Larry, I am not trying to knock your efforts for the kernel. I am going
on record as saying "thank you, Larry". Linus has been much more
productive since using BK. The kernel patch quality and productivity of
the core kernel developers has increased. A new paradigm in source
control has come about.

But being a person who also has certain beliefs, I am not going to stand
on the side lines and watch the fight. Please don't drop me into the
pool of people who believe all source should be free. I work for
companies that retain some of their IP for good reason. I have signed
NDA's to get at source and work on things that I cannot give out for
free. I'm ok with that choice for a company. What I am not ok with, is
seeing something that I work with everyday slowly becoming engulfed in
gray area.

The kernel's revision history is always available. I get the cset
emails. I can extract all the info I want manually.

The problem I have is that you are going to make it so that the original
files that hold this data cannot be extracted in any meaningful way
without your tools. So if bitkeeper suddenly could not be used by Linus
or any others, for whatever reason, we are locked out of that original

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