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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Larry McVoy wrote:

> Those of you complaining ought to at least look before you complain.
> You just assumed that we were screwing you and you couldn't be bothered
> to verify it before you complained. We didn't screw you at all, all
> the data is there. And BK itself has always had the ability to export
> any data in any format, if you read the man pages you might notice that,
> but that would be too much work, it's easier to complain.

Well, exactly the people, who are most interested in the complete data,
cannot do this, because they are not allowed to do this. They have to find
someone else to extract the data.

> But, nooooo, let's just piss and moan. What a bunch of friggin' whiners.
> The next time you open your mouth, the words that come out of it should be
> "thank you". Nothing else, just that.

Your whining is getting more and more unbearable. If you don't stop with
your insults, "fuck you" is the only thing you will hear. :-(

bye, Roman

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