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SubjectRe: Help, eth0: transmit timed out!
On Wednesday 12 March 2003 15:41, David Shirley wrote:
> Tried a different NIC, another 3c905c.

..and? I'm using this NIC family with this driver in all my diskless setups
with kernels since 2.0.* up to 2.4.20, and I never experienced the problem
you describe, so I would check for some hardware, bios, chipset, cable, hub
or switch problem.

From about 30 NICs currently in production for 6 month up to 5 years, I had
one failure (3c905b). I haven't found Don's driver failing since ages ;-),
through the b versions created me some headaches for etherbooting and the
newest 3c905cx-txm has a problem with software bootprom flashing :-(.

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