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SubjectRe: Linux BUG: Memory Leak
At 06:49 AM 3/12/2003 +0000, M. Soltysiak wrote:
>I sent this here because i don't know which author screwed up.

I note that diplomacy isn't your strong suite.

>System specs:
>1 GBytes RAM
>duel CPU system; 1 Ghz each.
>IDE disk system, 133 Mhz bus speed, DMA.
>USB mouse.
>PS/2 Keyboard.
>Creative Labs emu10k1-based sound card. (LIVE!)
>Asus Motherboard.

Which kernel version, and how much swap (0?).

>When I boot the system, run X11 with KDE--totalling 100 M at most--things
>are fine.
>When I run applications that use quite a bit of memory -- those that use
>500 Megs of RAM -- Linux keeps on allocating memory until it's full. When
>full, system acts dead, as expected from the bad VM design. But why does
>the system allocate memory until the RAM is full? User applications are
>NOT leaking memory.

What are you basing these assertions upon?

>Example: Installing Unreal Tournament 2003 -- from the CD drive, IDE --
>for example, playing mp3 files and browsing the web with Mozilla, and the
>system will eventually allocate memory until the system freezes. All of
>RAM is allocated, and the system is frozen.

Please post a detailed report including kernel version, process sizes and
/proc/slabinfo just prior to live-lock. This report is useless. (not to
mention arrogant)


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