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SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone
Zack Brown wrote:
> Maybe the system should simply ignore the whole concept of time as occurring
> in discrete ticks, and just measure time as the relative history of
> changesets.

Real time is still useful, if only as a hint to users. E.g.
assume that you have dependencies the SCM doesn't know about.

Example: somebody posts on linux-kernel a one-line fix for a
remote root exploit. You'll instantly get dozens of people who
will apply that one to their local views, without waiting or
making a common unique change set.

Some of those view may have branched from a long time ago, and
not have touched any common change set for months. So the
partial order of applied change sets tells you very little.

Naturally, such one-line fixes will be slightly different, and
eventually, some of them will merge ...

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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