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SubjectRe: module to detect sigsegv
Hi Donald!

Hope this helps a little bit:


On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 08:18:21 -0600
"Donald Zoch" <> bubbled:

> I'm new to kernel programming and have set the goal of writing
> a kernel module to detect signal 11 errors and log them.
> My question is what is the best way to attack this in a module?
> I've figured out how to write a basic module, but I'm having a
> hard time figuring out how to do the checking.
> How can I look at every signal that the kernel sends to processes
> and pick out those that I want to report on?
> Apologies for sending this to the main list. kernelnewbies doesn't
> seem to be working any longer.
> Thanks,
> Donald
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