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SubjectRe: [PATCH] make f_pos accessible via /proc/PID/fd/N
On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Kenn Humborg wrote:

> The attached patch sets the "size" for the /proc/PID/fd/N entries
> to the current file position (file->f_pos).
> In proc_lookupfd(), I fill inode->i_size with file->f_pos. Then
> in pid_fd_revalidate(), I refresh it again.
> I would find this useful to be able to tell, for example, how far
> a large outgoing SMTP transfer has got (so I can avoid rebooting
> if it's almost finished), or how far a customer download from our
> FTP server has got to.

Cute little addition. This would be very useful to have.

> Was there any particular reason for fixing the "size" of these
> files at 64? Are there any tools that depend on this?

If not it'd be very nice to have in the kernel.

> Patch is against 2.5.63.
> Later,
> Kenn

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