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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: Runaway cron task on 2.5.63/4 bk?
george anzinger <> wrote:
> Ok, here is what I have. I changed nano sleep to use a local 64-bit
> value for the target expire time in jiffies. As much as MAX-INT/2-1
> will be put in the timer at any one time. It loops till the target
> time is met or exceeded. The changes affect (clock)nanosleep only and
> not timers (they still error out for large values).

Seem sane.

> I now use the simple u64=(long long) a * b for the mpy so I have
> dropped the sc_math.h stuff (I will bring that round again :).

Resistance shall be unflagging!

> What do you think?

Sorry, but this little bit:

while ((active = del_timer_sync(&new_timer) ||
rq_time > get_jiffies_64()) &&

if ( {
if (active) {

should be dragged out and mercifully shot. Is it possible to make that while
loop a little clearer?

The abs_list exactly duplicates the kernel's existing waitqueue
functionality. You can use prepare_to_wait()/finish_wait() there.

posix_timers_id, posix_clocks[], nanosleep_abs_list_lock and
nanosleep_abs_list should be static to posix-timers.c.
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