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(1) remove some debug checks from rmap and highmem functions
(2) mitigate anonymous page fragmentation in do_anonymous_page()
this heuristic is still not entirely effective

(1) edit all PTE's pointed at a given page at swap fault time
(2) comment some TODO items
(3) remove WARN_ON()'s triggered by PTE allocation fallback to lowmem

(1) re-sweep arch/i386/kernel/cpu/mtrr/ for PAGE_SIZE vs. MMUPAGE_SIZE
MTRR code basically wants MMUPAGE_SIZE in all cases

As usual, available from:

The fault-time antifragmentation heuristics here are largely ineffective.
Most of this will have to be revisited, but if you were seeing issues with
MTRR's or spurious WARN_ON()'s from PTE allocation fallback to ZONE_NORMAL,
these updates should help. Incremental atop prior 2.5.64 pgcl patches.

-- wli
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