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SubjectRe: Warning: dev (pts(136,0)) tty->count(5) != #fd's(4) in tty_open
On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 23:49, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> I'm getting lots of these messages whilst running big SDET runs on
> an 16-way machine ... anyone recognize them?
> (64-bk3 + a few patches).
> dev (pts(136,0)) tty->count(4) != #fd's(3) in release_dev
> Warning: dev (pts(136,0)) tty->count(4) != #fd's(3) in tty_open
> Warning: dev (pts(136,0)) tty->count(5) != #fd's(4) in tty_open
> Warning: dev (pts(136,0)) tty->count(5) != #fd's(4) in release_dev

These are some of the things I saw when reporting the tty races and
doing zillions of open/closes on pty/tty pairs. The tty layer has
some fun code dealing with open v close v hangup v vhangup

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