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SubjectRe: devfs + PCI serial card = no extra serial ports
On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Bryan Whitehead wrote:

> It seems devfsd has an annoying "feature". I bought a PCI card to get a
> couple (2) more serial ports. The kernel doesn't seem to set up the
> serial ports at boot, so devfs never creates an entry. However, post
> boot, since there is no entries, I cannot configure the serial ports
> with setserial. So basically devfsd = no PCI based serial add on?
> 03:05.0 Serial controller: NetMos Technology 222N-2 I/O Card (2S+1P)
> (rev 01) (prog-if 02 [16550])
> Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic (formerly NCR): Unknown device 0002
> Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 17
> I/O ports at ecf8 [size=8]
> I/O ports at ece8 [size=8]
> I/O ports at ecd8 [size=8]
> I/O ports at ecc8 [size=8]
> I/O ports at ecb8 [size=8]
> I/O ports at eca0 [size=16]
> mknod ttyS2 c 4 66
> mknod ttyS3 c 4 67
> setserial ttyS2 port 0xecf8 UART 16550A irq 17 Baud_base 9600
> setserial ttyS3 port 0xece8 UART 16550A irq 17 Baud_base 9600

Why are you messing with baud_base? Don't, unless you really know what
you are doing. A normal 16550a with baud_base set to 9600 will run at
115200 when an app tries to run it at 9600. baud_base is just the
quotient the serial driver uses to calculate the divisor needed to
run the UART at a given speed.
> I hoped after "setting up" the serial ports with setserial some magic
> would happen and they would apear in /dev/tts... but I was wrong.
> gets me working serial ports... but it's not in /dev... :O
can you not make them? As in:

#mknod /dev/tts/5 c 4 69

> Am I just screwed?
> If so, what would be a good add on PCI based solution for more serial
> ports that WORKS with devfsd? (I don't want to disable devfs as this
> opens up a different set of problems)
> Thanks for any replay!

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