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SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone
>> >> At the moment, I slap the patches back on top of every new version
>> >> seperately, which works well, but is a PITA.
>> >
>> > Tell me about it.
>> Well, it normally only takes me an hour per release.
> Whoa. You need better tools.
> A bunch of fine people took patch-tools and turned them into a real project.
> They have .deb's and .rpm's, but it looks like they're a bit old and a `cvs co'
> is needed. I'm still using the old stuff, but I'm sure theirs is better.
> See

I did take a look at your stuff in the past ... had a few minor objections
at the time, but have actually grown closer to what you do since then.
I *do* like the numbering of my patches though. I might try to merge them
together at some point soon.

So when I say 1 hour ... bear in mind I don't take Linus bk-drops normally,
on the full releases, so the delta is bigger (and I'm slower than you! ;-))
You still have to fix up the rejects from 'patch -p1' by hand though,
right? That's what normally takes most of the time, especially if it's
code I'm unfamiliar with, or I make a mistake (reboot takes 5-10 mins ;-))


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