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SubjectRE: OOPS in do_try_to_free_pages with VERY large software RAID array
> Thanks for the help Martin.  It looks like that was the problem.  The
> kernel mdstat statistics must have been overwriting some other kernel
> memory and giving me my panics. With the help of Kevin's 2.5 patch I
> patched the Red Hat 2.4.18-26 md code to use seq_file and now my big
> RAID arrays are syncing and I haven't had a panic yet :D
> Thanks again to everyone for the help. I'll submit the patch to the
> linux-raid list as md-seq_file-2.4.18-26.7.x.patch if anyone's
> interested.

Cool. If I get bored at some point, I might try to make a debug option
to put some minefield trap after /proc functions to catch them doing
this. Or we change the interface ;-)

I got burnt by the same thing for being the first twit to try booting
a 16 CPU ia32 machine ... /proc/cpuinfo went a bit wild.


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