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SubjectBUG in 2.4.20?
I seem to have found a bug in 2.4.20. I am running on a dual processor
PIII with a ServerWorks (RCC) chipset that has 3 32-bit 33MHz 5V PCI slots
and two 64-bit 66 MHz PIC slots. Starting with 2.4.20 my Adaptec 39160 is no
longer detected (it's in a 64-bit slot). I have tried both slots and every
possible kernel config I can think of, including booting with pci=noacpi.
The card does not show up with a lspci or cat /proc/pci. If I compile the
AIC7xxx driver as a module and try to load it, I get a message that says that
I do not have the device installed.

2.4.19 and below are fine. This patch from the rc3 -> rc4 changelog just
caught my eye.

Fixup pci_alloc_consistent with 64bit DMA masks on i386

I will try 2.4.20-rc3 tonight to see if I can nail it down to specific
version. However, before I put to much effort into this, is this a known
issue? I searched the archives and haven't seen anything related yet.


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