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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] Device removal callback

> Instead I now do this, with the patch.
> void ieee1394_remove_node(struct device *dev)
> {
> list_for_each(..., &ne->device.children) {
> device_unregister(list_to_dev(lh));
> }
> }
> ...
> /* Where the dev is created */
> ...
> ne->device.remove = ieee1394_remove_node;
> device_register(&ne->device);
> Now, no matter where it's called from, doing...
> device_unregister(&ne->device);
> ...will make sure my remove callback is executed, so the children
> devices get unregistered aswell. I extend this to the host device
> and I have a recursive remocal scheme that is safe no matter where my
> devices get unregistered. Whole lot simpler that adding in a lot of
> failsafe's and checks.

But, you can do exactly the same with just a few added lines in the
ieee1394 core - just have a wrapper that calls ->remove() (in the 1394
device structure), then calls device_unregister() for the device.

Your ->remove() can do anything you like, including removing all the
children, much as I assume it does now. So, behavior is exactly as you
want, and it keeps it out of the core for now.

I much prefer this, as I would like to see it eventually, but I'd rather
see the implications worked out before it's generalized.



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