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Subjectpb with init for 2.5.62, not 2.4.20

I don't know if this is a kernel issue, but since I have a pb with one
kernel and not the other, I assume it is... Please don't flame.

I am trying to have a small distro that uses ramdisk for its partitions
that need rw access, and the cd for the rest. Part of the script
(slurped from boot-cd hint from linux from scratch) consists in copying
over from the cd to the ramdisk these partitions (script in app-1).

The behavior depend on the kernel... after the last mount, with 2.5 the
fake/needwrite directory doesn't contain anything, whereas with 2.4.20
it does contain what I put in it. And I think it is related, but with
2.5, I never get into run level 1 or 2 or 3, it just hangs after the
last script in rcsysinit.d., whereas 2.4.20 slides smoothly into
whatever inittab tells him to.

Do I need extra modules in 2.5?

(Note that the size of 2.4 is ~ 930k, where as 2.5 is 1.5M)

Thx for any suggestion.


App 1:


source /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

case "$1" in
echo -n "Creating ext2fs on $dev_ram ... "
/sbin/mke2fs -m 0 -i 1024 -q $dev_ram > /dev/null 2>&1
sleep 1
echo -n "Mounting ramdisk on $dir_ramdisk ... "
mount -n $dev_ram $dir_ramdisk
sleep 1
echo -n "Copying files to ramdisk ... "
cp -dpR $dir_needwrite/* $dir_ramdisk > /dev/null 2>&1
sleep 1
echo -n "Remount ramdisk to $dir_needwrite ... "
umount -n $dir_ramdisk > /dev/null 2>&1
sleep 1
mount -n $dev_ram $dir_needwrite
sleep 1
echo "Usage: $0 {start}"
exit 1
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