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SubjectRe: slab error in 2.5.64-mm4
J Sloan <> wrote:
> This may be of interest -
> kernel: 2.5.64-mm4
> Linux distro: Red Hat 8.0 + updates
> Hardware:
> Celeron 1.2 Ghz on genuine Intel Motherboard, 512 MB RAM
> Just recompiled 2.5.64-mm4 with full debugging
> and saw a slab error right after bringing up the
> ethernet interfaces -
> Full kernel log attached, but the meat of it is here:
> Mar 9 21:42:54 jyro kernel: Slab corruption: start=dfc15964,
> expend=dfc159e3, problemat=dfc1599c
> Mar 9 21:42:54 jyro kernel: Last user: [<00000000>](0x0)

Drat. We should _not_ have a zero here. Without this info we know next to

Please ensure that you have CONFIG_FRAME_PONTER enabled. But the slab
diagnostic seems to work OK here without that.

Oh well. It'll come again.

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