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SubjectRe: Oops: kernel 2.4.20, ide-scsi, cdrecord 1.11a24
Hi all

This is a followup to my previous message regarding a consistant
reproducable oops under 2.4.20 when burning CDs using cdrecord and ide-scsi.

Last night I tried disabling DMA on the CD drive (it was enabled by
hdparm -d0 -c1 /dev/hdc

Following this, two dummy writes (700MB and 680MB respectively) proceeded
normally and completed without errors. Given that under 2.4.20 the dummy
writes usually failed very quickly (after around 7-30MB), it would appear
that in the first instance at least, DMA must be disabled for ide-scsi CD
writers under 2.4.20 in order for burning to be reliable.

Obviously this isn't the intended behaviour though; is anyone aware of this
issue and/or is it being worked on for 2.4/2.5 as appropriate?

Best regards
* Jonathan Woithe *
* *
** "Time is an illusion; lunchtime doubly so" **
* " wouldn't recognize a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and *
* danced naked on a harpsichord singing 'subtle plans are here again'" *
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