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SubjectRe: 2.5.64bk5: X86_PC + HIGHMEM boot failure
> 	I just verified that the problem also occurs with NUMA +
> HIGHMEM_64GB (i.e., it is not limited to HIGHMEM_4GB).
> By the way, HIGHMEM_64GB without NUMA gets a lot father, but
> still experiences memory corruption, probably same bug that caused me
> to downgrade to HIGHMEM_4G months ago (i.e., probably not related to
> this NUMA problem).

Yeah, we really ought to fix that. This one?

>>> Sorry for my misunderstanding of the CONFIG_NUMA configution
>>> options.
>> No prob ... should probably be made more obvious. Are you by any chance
>> doing "yes | make oldconfig"? That's the obvious way to switch it on
>> by chance ... if so, can I recommend doing "yes '' | make oldconfig"
>> instead? That'll take the defaults, and work much better in general.
> I want a kernel that is as broadly hardware compatible as
> possible and can take advantage of as much hardware as possible, in
> that order. So, I guess I hope to reactivate CONFIG_NUMA once this
> problem is solved.

Right ... I think I have some more patches from Andy somewhere, though
he may not have tested with 64Gb on his PC ... I'll go look, and send
them to you if I have.


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