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SubjectRe: Playing with 2.5.63: APM blanking and "bio too big"
>>* I had real problems with APM screen blanking enabled.  It reliably
>> and repeatedly locked the machine HARD (no keyboard, no SysRq, no ping)
>> when the scren blanker kicked in or trying to switch from X. This is
>> an Athlon on a KT133 Motherboard. No problems in 2.4. APM can corectly
>> power the machine off, however.

> Do you have CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC=y?

Right in one!

> To verify, hack apic.c and ensure that "dont_enable_local_apic_timer"
> is initialised to 1. Also don't enable the NMI watchdog.

I'll try that. Thanks!

> Another option, which is what I use now on all my local-APIC capable
> machines, is to disable APM_DISPLAY_BLANK.

What I'm running now, and now that I understand, probably preferable.
Maybe a warning in

--- arch/i386/Kconfig 2003-02-24 14:05:10.000000000 -0500
+++ arch/i386/ 2003-03-01 12:23:59.000000000 -0500
@@ -922,6 +922,10 @@
backlight at all, or it might print a lot of errors to the console,
especially if you are using gpm.

+ This also tends to interact badly with use of the local APIC.
+ You probably don't want this option unless you are building
+ for a laptop that you intend to use in text mode.
bool "RTC stores time in GMT"
depends on APM

Or should Linux mask the APIC timer before making the APM call?

> I really despise BIOS writers.

The BIOS interface is... non-obvious.
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