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SubjectRe: Update to 2.5.x snapshots
Jeff Garzik wrote:

> >>Old 2.5.x BK snapshots on are now moved into the "old"
> >>sub-directory, instead of being deleted.
> >It may not be related, but
> >
> >has "BitKeeper patches since v2.4.21-pre4: 354 Changesets"
> >(not latest -pre).
> Yep, I know :)
> The point of nightly snapshots is more for users use and testing
> purposes. The csets are very useful for developers, but a bit of a
> moving target for users.

I'm just used to look there from time to time to see 'what is new', and
AFAIR changes were reported against latest prerelease.
From my point of view, as long as patches are in chronological order
it's not a problem. :)

> If users are using the per-cset snapshots,
> then it becomes a non-trivial chore to developers to track down exactly
> what version of the kernel a problem is reported against.

Csets are useful for users- e.g. if the problem you want to report does
not exist in latest cset -but generaly you are right.


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